Love Who You Want, but Disrespect Black Women & Catch These Hands Bruh

This piece is for all my brothers out there that need they ass checked. Share it accordingly.

First, if you didn’t know, I’m a black man (FYI that’s not me in the featured photo). Second, if you didn’t know I have a lot of black friends. Needless to say, for all the wypipo reading this, understand that I’m coming from a place of “privilege” as a black man in the black community. Because of that privilege, I find it imperative that I stand up for my black sister at any and all cost. Now that’s out the way, let me talk to my brothers real swift.

Let me just repeat myself real quick before I hop on Y’all lines. LOVE WHO YOU WANT TO LOVE. I honestly don’t care who you’re sexually, physically, or emotionally attracted to. Male or female, white or black, I could care less. But what I’m not going to go for is you MFS talking down or talking shit about our beautiful sisters.

Like I said, love who you want, and be attracted to whoever you find attractive. Some of my closet friends are in interracial relationships, and their signific others are just as much my family as their black asses are.

My only problem comes when I ask certain MFS why they don’t date black women and the first thing they do is break out their clown wigs (cause they sound like some clown ass MFS) and start degrading black women. Here’s a small list of responses I usually hear from clowns when I ask them, why don’t you like black women.

  • “They’re too loud and angry all the damn time.”
  • “They wanna be the man in the relationship. They’re too independent for their own good.”
  • “I like white girls cause they’re more submissive.” – MFs really say this shit bruh
  • “I can’t date black women cause I want to have light skinned babies.”
  • “She’s too dark.”

MFs really say and believe this shit. Let me be clear. IF I CATCH ANOTHER MF TALKING BAD ABOUT OUR SISTERS THEY CATCHING THESE HANDS. And I put that on our ancestors’ bruh.

These handsAll these negative opinions towards black women can be attributed to hundreds of years of white supremacy, and the effects it has on the black mind. If you’re a black man in American and you find yourself saying shit like this realize that you’ve lost your mind.

What’s lost can be found, so don’t get triggered when I tell you, you lost your damn mind. You’ve lost your mind because, we as a people, have been lied to. Since our stolen bodies arrived here we’ve been told to be ashamed of our blackness. White supremacy has left us black folks afraid to embrace our own blackness let only our true roots.

Any brother that holds the beliefs about black women that I listed above must come to love themselves. To do that, one must first start by looking inward. By looking inward you’ll have to confront your own blackness. Once you can accept your own blackness you’ll begin to understand that black is beautiful. You’ll begin to realize that what you originally thought about black women was all bull shit steeming from a system that was anti-black from its start.

My brothers, If you leave with anything from this piece, leave with this… Malcolm X once said, “The most disrespected woman in America, is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America, is the black woman.” S/O to Beyonce for getting a lot of people hip to that sound bit, but understand this… There is no other group of people on the face of this Earth that understands our struggles more than the black woman. It is our duty to protect them from ANY threat that endangers their body, mind, and(or) spirit by any means necessary. If we don’t then we are doomed to die.




  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this post! I find myself having to explain this to other people. It’s not about being against interracial relationships, but just because you’re dating a person of a different race doesn’t mean you need to come down on people of your own. I hate being attached to the false narrative that ‘Black women hate it when Black men date outside of their race’. When, in actuality, I just don’t understand why you’re reasoning for dating outside of your race is because of your negative feelings towards your own. Love who you want but the minute the conversation shifts to “I date [x] girls because Black girls are too [y]” then you’ve lost me. Thanks for sharing!

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