Soundtracks For The Soul: J. Cole | Friday Night Lights

“They say anythings possible
You gotta dream like you never seen obstacles”

– J. Cole | The Autograph

I remember exactly where I was when Cole dropped Friday Night Lights.

First off, if you’ve never heard Friday Night Lights, but you love J. Cole, boy do I have a treat for you…

Quick Background 

It was my first year at Greenville College… Yeah the first college I attended wasn’t the college I graduated from, but we’ll save that story for another time.

Anyway, I was kicking it at my guy Joe’s place, when my guy Vell bust out the backroom yelling, “it’s fucking here guys,” as he frantically began searching for the Bluetooth speaker we had.

I grabbed the speaker, Joe rolled up some of that good good, and Vell hit play. That night we listened to Friday Night Lights straight through probably 3 times in a row before we moved.

Young J. Cole

Basic Need To Knows

The first project I heard from Cole was called The Warm Up. Of course, it was fire, but I didn’t love it like I love Friday Night Lights. To be completely honest, Friday Night Lights is still my favorite Cole project, and it’s not even close.

Released on November 12th, 2010, Friday Night Lights was J. Cole’s third official mixtape and was released to help hold fans over until his debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story dropped.

Originally the mixtape was supposed to be called Villematic and contain J. Cole’s previous leaks and freestyles, however, Cole later stated it would have original material, and thank God it did!

The mixtape covers deep-rooted issues in the black community like gun violence but also offers rays of positively through lyrics that boost self-esteem and self-encouragement.

Favorite Tracks 

Like I said Friday Night Lights is by far my favorite project from Cole, and with 20 songs on its official tracklist, listing off favorites could be lengthy haha. So instead of listing all my favorites, I’ll just list off a few, and leave the rest for you guys to discover!

Favorite joints off Friday Night Lights by J. Cole

Cover Art for Friday Night Lights by J. Cole
Back cover for Friday Night Lights by J. Cole


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