Soundtracks For The Soul: Joey Bada$$ | Summer Knights (Mixtape)

“This for my negus that’s lying with queens like Nefertiti
Waking up to pyramids and big kitties
Gold soul theory, but what is life really.”

– Joey Bada$$ | 95 Til Infinity

Back like I never left, I’m here with another mf soundtrack for your soul! This week I wanted to highlight a young MC who, lately, has fallen into the mainstream…

Before his recent fall into the mainstream pit of bull shit, Joey Bada$$ had some inspiring projects that really put on for the culture. One of those projects was called, “Summer Knights.”

Quick Background

Summer Knights was Joey Bada$$ third mixtape. It was released on July 1, 2013, by Cinematic Music Group.

You probably noticed that in the title I put Mixtape in parentheses. Well, the reason behind that is kind of complicated…

Originally, Summer Knights was supposed to be released as an EP to prelude the release of his debut album, B4.DA.$$. He ended up scrapping the 7 song EP idea and decided to turn Summer Knights into a full-length 17 song tracklist mixtape. Thank God he did…

Fast-forward to 2019, and Summer Knights has been re-released as an EP that only features 7 tracks instead of the original 17. Luck for us, the original mixtape can still be found on Soundcloud. I’ll have the playlist embedded at the bottom of this piece.

joey-badass (2013)
Joey Bada$$ (2013)

Basic Need To Knows

Summer Knights is Joey’s third mixtape. I honestly didn’t hear about Joey until Summer Knights dropped, thanks to the little bro F Deezy. As soon as I got hip tho, please believe the discovery stage was real bruh.

Summer Knights embodies everything a classic Hip-hop/Rap mixtape needs to be considered a classic piece of art. From original boom bap beats to thought-provoking lyrics, Joey didn’t miss a step with this one.

In Summer Knights, Joey speaks on multiple topics/issues that affect the black community. Some of those issues/topics include religion, hood politics, and self-reliance.

Favorite Tracks

Since Joey re-released Summer Knights as an actual EP, I’d highly suggest listening to the original mixtape. That way you’ll be able to enjoy the project in its entirety and not just a 7 track appetizer. But if you’re looking for an appetizer, check out my list of favorite tracks off Summer Knights.

Favorite Joints off Summer Knights by Joey Bada$$

Joey Badass Summer Knights
Cover Art for Summer Knights by Joey Bada$$
Summer Knights back
Back cover for Summer Knights by Joey Bada$$


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