Summer | Kalvin J

For those who don’t know me I’m from Belleville, Illinois, a small city a few minutes away from St. Louis, Missouri (which is where I currently stay).

I say I’m from Belleville because I spent most of my adolescence life growing up on the west side of Belleville, but for most of my early childhood, I grew up in my granddaddy’s house in East St. Louis. So basically I consider East. St. Louis my second home.

My entire family is from East St. Louis, and the City will always have a special place in my heart.

 This morning an old friend of mine dropped a visual for one of his latest poems that will be featured on his upcoming album, Voicemail: Poetry Saved Me.

Since we share a lot of the same roots back in the City, this piece moved me in ways I can’t describe.

So without anymore delay, I present Kalvin J | Summer.


A poem dedicated to the life and memory of so many young kings & queens from my city of East St. Louis, IL who lives were taken away at the hands of someone else. Special love and condolences to the family of 14yr old Jaylon McKenzie whom’s life was ended before it even got started…..We just grow up different…..

– Kalvin J

Social Plugs

For more of Kalvin’s work I suggest following him on all the major social media outlets; YouTube, IG, Twitter, & IGTV.

Past & Future Projects

Voicemail: Poetry Saved Me is set to drop 10/21/2019, and will be available on all streaming services.

Also, be sure to check out one of Kalvin’s first projects #FrontRowSeat and order a copy on Amazon today. | Amazon Description: June 7, 1990, a baby boy was born to Kalvin and Kim Hilliard. As their only child, he was surrounded by their love and care, and they did their best to shelter him from the woes of life. #FrontRowSeat details the moments they could no longer protect their son from – stories about what happens when life hits, and the downward spiral that life almost takes him down. #FrontRowSeat is my story told about me, by me. This is your up close and personal look into moments that shaped a 12-year-old adolescent boy into a 26-year-old man; moments that could have torn me down but were used as building blocks for a new foundation. #FrontRowSeat is a story of love, hate, joy, and heartbreak. These are poems about my walk with God, my battle with self, and my reconciliation with life. This is your ticket. This is your #FrontRowSeat.

For more info about my connections to East St. Louis check out my piece, Forgotten History: July 2nd, 1917, East St. Louis Race Riot.



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