Somebody Tell Biden To Stop Wearing Blackface

I don’t fuck with Joe Biden. If you’ve been following TGA then it’s no surprise I don’t fuck with Joe Biden.

Proof I don’t fuck with Biden:

In fact, I’ll outline a few more reasons why I don’t fuck with Biden. From the extensive work he did decades ago to help persevere some of the ugliest features of American Apartied…

I present evidence #1: Letters from Joe Biden reveal how he sought support of segregationists in fight against busing

To his efforts to help reinvent the new age indentured servant by shackling students with a lifetimes worth of student loan debt…

I present evidence #2 & #3:

Biden is the fucking worst of the worst, and I have no problem pointing it out. 

All these things are horrible and should’ve ended Biden’s campaign before it even started, but none of these irritate me more than the shit Biden has been doing in his 2020 run. 

Here We Go…

Long gone are the days of the 2015/2016 Democratic primary. Back when everyone seemed to hate the idea of primaries and thought that we should just hand it to HRC because “it was her time.” Now that Bernie is honestly the real front runner and has been building support since he’s 2015/2016 run, mfs in the establishment are freaking the fuck out. 

I’m not bull shittin’ bruh: 

Due to this freakout, we saw an ungodly amount of clowns lining up to be the Democratic nominee only to fall flat on their ass trying to catch Mr. Sanders. During which time we’ve had something like 5 debates, countless town halls, as well as a shit ton of mainstream news interviews. Some folks have stood tall on their record in the midst of the media mayhem, while others fell victim to the mighty political gaffe. That or they were simply hacks who couldn’t inspire their mommas to clap for them.

Related source: Pete Buttigieg suffers awkward ‘please clap’ moment while pitching himself as the next Obama to voters

In the midst of all this, one clown, I mean candidate, has decided his best pitch to the American people is to use Obama’s face whenever it suits him best. 


Biden, Listen… You’re Not Obama Bruh

I was recently watching the Majority Report With Sam Seder (shout out to The Majority Report fam while I’m at it) when they covered an interview Biden gave to Vice News. I’ll embed the video clip at the bottom of this piece so you can check it out for yourself.

Anyway, during the interview, Biden was asked a series of questions about his recent slumps in support within the Black community. Specifically, “Why is Senator Sanders leading you with Black voters under the age of 35?”

He is not leading me, black voters, under the age of — look, just all I know is, I am leading everybody, combined, with black voters… Let’s get this straight. Name me anybody who has remotely close to the support I have in the African-American community nationally.

Then in prime Biden form, he ended things off by reminding us all that his record with the Black community had to be stellar because, of course, Obama annotated him as his VP pick…

Biden loves to put on his Obama face whenever he talks to the Black community. It’s lowkey his response to any question that involves race. Remember when Kamala Harris got on his ass about bussing?? Remember what he said?? I doubt he (Obama) would have picked me if this accusation of my being wrong on civil rights was correct. As if Obama picked Joe Biden to be his VP because he had impeccable civil rights record and needed help bringing out the black vote…

Take Off The Blackface Bruh

Nah bruh, take off the damn blackface and stand on your own record…

Cause, believe it or not, we see through the bull shit bruh. Obama didn’t pick you as his VP cause you have a stellar record fighting for Black liberation… He picked you to calm white folks down. Period.

Stop bragging about how YOU think you OWN the Black vote… Cause you don’t own shit… Then for you to have the fucking audacity to tell a young black man he should, “know better,” than to question your self-proclaimed right to the Black vote…

The way Joe Biden talks about the Black vote is fucking disturbing bruh, and low-key should be added to the long list of reasons why Joe has gotta go.

Joe if for some wild ass reason you’re reading this, please, for the love of God, take the blackface off and run on your own record bruh. 

Be sure to check out The Majority Report on YouTube, and if you’re still not following our IG imma need you to stop lacking bruh.


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  1. I gotta be honest, I don’t love Bernie for president. I guess I’m one of those centrists or something. I love him in the Senate where he can tug policy hard to the left, but I’m naive enough to think that the vast majority of the country is somewhere right of his viewpoints.

    That stated, if I’m wrong on that and he wins the nomination, he has my vote because it just means I’m old and I need to support the future that the young folks are building.

    As for Biden; he’s proof positive that the Democratic establishment is either completely clueless, or more likely that they are no more interested in representing the actual public than their Republican counterparts. He is obviously their choice. They convinced him he could run and they’re putting everything they have behind him. It’s like their takeaway from 2016 was that Hillary didn’t lose because they forced her on us, but that she lost because she was a woman. So, they’re forcing a man on us that nobody wants. His entire platform is that he was Obama’s VP and Democrats didn’t hate Obama. Many more love him now than loved him while he was in office (he left office with an approval rating in the 50s that’s now in the 60s). Being wedged between the two dumbest presidents ever elected has done wonders for his legacy. Biden is a tool. Black folks his own age seem to like him and some White folks must like him too (based on polling), but I haven’t met one. If he takes off the blackface, he’s got nothing but the same incoherent, tone deaf, out of touch babbling of the guy currently in office with less flair for drama. But, the party like him because he’s just as much of a pushover and will go along with their agenda, happily towing the party line.

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