5 Documentaries You Should Watch While Locked in the House

This lockdown shit is getting more and more serious by the day bruh. I can’t even watch the news anymore because shit seems to hit the fan each and every hour. To be real, I knew shit was going to hit the fan when COVID-19 finally got here.

For one, we have a fucking liar as the president who half the country doesn’t trust a word that comes out of his mouth. Which only adds more hysteria to the current situation. Then of course, since we’re already trained as a population to avoid doctor visits (due to high co-pays, and other bs that comes with being uninsured or under-insured) the massive spread of COVID-19 once it hit the States was inevitable.

Even after knowing all of this, I still had no idea shit would reach these levels. 

I want to send my regards to everyone effected by COVID-19. Whether the damage was done to your physical health or your financial well-being, I want to wish you my deepest condolences. During hard times like these, we must remember to have one another’s backs by whatever means necessary. If that means ordering take-out from local restaurants then do that shit. If that means staying the fuck inside for a few weeks, then that’s what we gotta do.

Since educating mfs on forgotten history is what I do best, please believe I’ll be doing that, and a whole lot more, to help maintain our sanity as we continue to push through these trying times.

Which leads us to today’s piece…

Due to social-distancing, and shit being on lockdown, I’ve spent a lot of time in front of the TV. Like, a lot of time bruh, and if you know me at all that means I’ve been watching a shit ton of documentaries. Some of them I’ve watched countless times before and wanted to rewatch them to help retain all the information that’s in them.

Check some of those old Documentaries out here:

However, most of the time I’ve been watching documentaries that just flew on to my radar.

Educate Yourself Bruh

For those who have been asking for more documentaries to watch, the wait is finally over. Below is a list of documentaries as well as a short description as to what you can expect to be covered in these bad boys.

Mapungubwe – Secrets of a Sacred Hill (Ancient African Kingdom Documentary) | Timeline

Between the years 950 AD to 1290 AD, on the Northern border of South Africa, traversing the conference of the Shashi – Limpopo Valley, which today divides Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, existed an ancient African Kingdom, called Mapungubwe. From the Iron Age to the present day this unique one-hour film explores the history and tells the story of this remarkable city.

Yet again, another ancient African Kingdom you probably had no fucking idea existed.

Africa: A Voyage of Discovery with Basil Davidson | Episode 1 – Different but Equal

This is the first installment of Basil Davidson’s educational “Africa: A Voyage of Discovery,” VHS series. Basil Davidson is an acclaimed writer and Africanist historian. Most of his works and research on ancient African history is required reading in many British universities. He is also globally recognized as an expert on African History.

I fucks with this first episode in Basil’s African series for one main reason. He starts the episode off by properly addressing the racist propaganda that flooded earlier anthropology in the late 17th, 18th, and 19th centries. Some of which still plagues us till this every day.

Davidson then pays special attention to how the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade gave cause for this wave of racist misinformation that was used to erase the history of Black people all over the world. Basil then takes us on a journey of ancient African history you’ll never learn or even hear about in any western education system.

Oldest Mummies in the World (Archaeology Documentary) | Timeline

What drew me to this documentary was the title itself. Believe it or not, the oldest mummies known to mankind belong to a people now referred to as the Chinchorros. The Chinchorros are believed to have lived between 8,000 BCE and 500 BCE. Evidence suggests that their practice of mummification predates ancient Kemetic mummies by as many as two thousand years. This documentary takes a deep dive into the forgotten history of the people known as the Chinchorros.

*Pro Tip*

Since the history of ancient Nubia (whose dynastic period predates ancient KMT potentially by thousands of years) has largely been washed away (due to the construction of the Aswan Dam). We’ll never truly know who has the world’s oldest mummies.

Also, pay close attention to how these mummies look, and the names researches are giving them. For example, one of the most highlighted mummies in this doc was given the name “The Black Madonna.”  8:30 minute mark —  I want to point this out because we need to understand that Black history is everywhere, NOT just in Africa.

Science Magazine
Shedding light on skin color | Global Map of Skin Pigmentation 

I know Black history and what is considered to be ancient Chile (South America) history sounds strange together but please believe me it’s all one and the same.

Jim Crow of the North

The ugly roots of racial disparities are seen through a new lens in this film that explores the origins of housing segregation in the Minneapolis area. But the story also illustrates how African-American families and leaders resisted this insidious practice, and how Black people built communities — within and despite — the red lines that these restrictive covenants created.

I recently rebought a book I read a while back. The book is called, The Color Of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein. Long story short, I let a friend “borrow” my original copy some time ago and it’s been “lost” ever since so I decided to buy another one to replace it. Anyway, I mentioned this book because it was the first time I ever heard about, “covenant laws.”

For those of you who think reparations is too much to ask for, watch this documentary…

When we learn about the dark history of American apartheid (aka Jim Crow), it’s oftentimes whitewashed as White people not treating Black people fairly. We learn about segregated restaurants and schools but are taught that all of that shit “ended” with Brown Vs. Board (we know that’s bullshit too).

What we aren’t taught is how the entire structure of Jim Crow was based on the principle of plunder. This nation has and continues to, plundered resources from the Black community to uplift the White community. The suburbs of the ’50s and ’60s were subsidies partly by Black tax dollars. But thanks to shit like covenant laws and redlining, we were systematically shut out from accessing things our tax dollars funded. This documentary highlights one of the many ways this was done.


This last documentary is focused on ancient Roman history as well as the history of religious biblical literature.

A lot of the information covered in this documentary can be viewed as triggering for those who are heavy believers in religious faith/scripture as opposed to historical facts backed by anthropology.

Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus

Seven of today’s most controversial Bible scholars reveal their shocking conclusions about the origins of Christianity. Based on the best-selling religious studies book by Joseph Atwill, this documentary shows that Jesus is not a historical figure, the events of Jesus’ life were based on a Roman military campaign, his supposed second coming refers to a historical event that already occurred, the teachings of Christ came from the ancient Kemetic mystery schools, and the Gospels were written by a family of Caesars and their supporters known as the Piso family and Flavian dynasty, who left us documents to prove it.

Dissecting the history and literature of this time, the scholars in this documentary show that the Gospels are a sophisticated pro-Roman multi-layered allegorical text that could not have been written by simple Jewish fishermen. Noting that the history officially provided by the Church does not hold up to rigorous scrutiny, the scholars agree that Christianity was used as a political tool to control the masses of the day, and is still being used this way today.

I know for a lot of y’all this information might seem crazy to even consider, however, as a historian and one who believes in seeking truth, I highly suggest watching the documentary so you can draw your own conclusions.

*Pro Tip*

I want to add that I strongly believe that early Christianity predates the creation of Rome, but due to the aggressive religious/political campaigns Rome launched in their efforts to steal the early teachings of Christianity from Africa, we no longer know what those original teachings were. Let alone, what the original Christian scripture said…

So, There You Have It

These are some of the docs I’ve been watching during this lockdown. Hopefully, these docs open you up to new research and information that continues to free your mind.


P.S. I’ve been watching a shit ton of lectures as well, so be on the lookout for that list which will be dropping soon.

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