My YouTube Playlist of Knowledge PT. II

This piece has been a long, and I do mean LONG, time coming. But nonetheless, ya boy is back with part two of my YouTube Playlist of Knowledge.

For those new to the page and had no idea there was even a part one, don’t trip. This isn’t a continuation of knowledge that would require you to read part one to know anything I’ll be sharing or discussing in this piece. Simply think of this as more information you can use in your journey of unlearning the bull shit and relearning the real shit.

If you didn’t know, I fucks with YouTube. I use it to watch sports highlights, funny clips, music videos and a whole bunch of other things. But the primary reason I use YouTube is to further my education.

*Quick disclaimer* It must be said that YouTube is full of a lot of shit bruh. Some good, some bad. Therefore, no one should take what they find on YouTube as the 100% truth. Instead, use that information to further your research. Find a video discussing some wild as history that you’ve never heard before? Start researching…

TGA Video Resources:

Below you’ll find a shit ton of lectures, interviews, and other video content I’ve been watching since part one dropped. I’ve watched every single one of these videos bruh. Some multiple times to the point to where I can almost recite them word by word. As I said before, use these videos to further your research. A lot of the books I’ve added to my physical library come from watching these lecture, so I hope they’re just as fruitful to you as they have been for me.

Grandmaster Teachers & Master Teachers

Here you’ll find lectures from our elders/ancestors who have spent their lives educating the masses, reintroducing us to a history that’s been long forgotten. I decided to break this section into two subcatogories; Grandmaster Teachers & Master Teachers.

Grandmaster Teachers

Grandmaster Teachers are our ancestors who set the modern day Master Teachers in motion. If it weren’t for these scholars putting an Afrocentric twist on honest European writing of Afrikan history (S/O to Gerald Massey, Albert Churchward, Alvin Boyd Kuhn and Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge to name a few), great Afrikan teachers like Robin Walker, Anthony Browder, and Ashra Kwesi wouldn’t be here.

Asa Grant Hilliard III

Click HERE, for some solid background information on Grandmaster Teacher Asa G. Hillard III:

Yosef Ben-Jochannan AKA Dr. Ben

Click HERE for more background information on Grandmaster Teacher Dr. Ben

Ivan Van Sertima

Click HERE for more background information on Grandmaster Teacher Ivan Van Sertima.

John Henrik Clarke

Click HERE for more information on Grandmaster Teacher John Henrik Clarke.

Other Grandmaster Teachers who didn’t make this video list include; Chancellor Williams, Cheikh Anta Diop, John G. Jackson, and Arthur Chumberg.

The Master Teachers

These collection of Afrikan historians studied first hand under many of the Grandmaster Teachers, and have taken the knowledge learned and modernized it so people like myself can easily digest it. I should note that many of these scholars have transcended the status of “Master Teacher” however, for the sake of maintaining some sort of “chain-in-command,” or sense of lineage when it comes to those who have dedicated their lives to reigniting our Afrikan consciousness.

Anthony T. Browder

Click HERE for more information about Master Teacher Anthony T. Browder

Runoko Rashidi

Click HERE for more information about Master Teacher Runoko Rashidi.

Ashra Kwesi

Click HERE For more information about Master Teacher Ashra Kwesi.

Robin Walker

Click HERE For more information about Master Teacher Robin Walker.

Kaba Hiawatha Kamene

Click HERE For more information about Master Teacher Kaba Hiawatha Kamene.

Ray Hagins

Click HERE For more information about Master Teacher Ray Hagins.

These should hold you over until part III, and yes… there will be a part III.

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