I’m on Patreon Bruh

After two review processes, and much waiting, it’s finally official bruh… TGA is now on Patreon!

Yessir! Instead of sending monetary donations in support of the page, you can now signup as a Patron through one of my three packages and get some exclusive ass access to yours truly, and everything I’m working on.

Why Did I Create a Patreon

Those of you who know me, know that I’m a true believer in free universal education. Which explains why it took me so long to share my personal Venmo, and Cash app accounts. So with that said, you’re probably thinking why would I create a Patreon? What’s going to change? Will I still have access to your content?

First take some deep breathes bruh 😂🤣. Ain’t shit really changing from this websites perspective. However, Patrons will have access to upcoming pieces before they’re publicly released. That, plus a few other goodies 😉

I have some pretty dope shit in the pipeline and I couldn’t do it without everyone’s continued support. Which leads me to the main reason why I created a Patreon. A lot of folks have been asking for ways they can show continued support for TGA in an effort to help it’s overall reach and influence in the realm of Black Liberation. After doing a little research I came to the conclusion that creating a Patreon would be the next best step for TGA and those who support the platform.

So without anymore delay, here’s the link to TGA’s Patreon account: https://www.patreon.com/theghettoactivist

Thank you all for the support as always, and I can’t wait to drop some more exclusive shit for the TGA fam. Also be sure to follow all of TGA’s social accounts ✊🏾

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