Bruh, We gotta talk about the Exit Polls…

Damn, first off…

Let’s breathe and take a few minutes to collect ourselves.

2020 has been a hell of a year bruh.

I hope I’m not speaking too soon when I say this, but the 2020 Presidential Election seemed like one hell of a season finale to what has already been a historically fucked up year. According to the most recent Election Results I saw, it looks like Biden BARELY, and I mean BARELY, pulled out a victory.

Hopefully the circus that was the Trump administration will be seeing its last few days in the so-called highest office in the land.

Of course I expect Trump to go out bitching like a 13-year old white boy in Walmart whose mother just told him she’s not buying him the new PlayStation. But all the bitching, fussing, and crying in the world won’t save Mr. 45 from leaving the White House only to face a mountain of lawsuits. And to keep it a buck, his ass should be facing jail time for all the shit he got away with while occupying the White House 😒

With the election just about over, the first round of exit polls are finally available. I should note that I’ll only be speaking to the polls I found most interesting. If you’re interested in seeing all the exit polls from this shit show election click HERE.

Who Saved The Country From Itself?

Well this should come as no surprise. I honestly don’t have much to say about this other than the obvious.

Democrats owe us, Black people (Afrikan-Americans) everything that’s due to us.

It’s honestly that simple bruh. Of course I don’t expect Biden and his administration to do ANYTHING for us, and even if they did, it’ll never make it out of the Senate.

Which side-note… I can’t believe these clowns couldn’t flip the Senate 😒🤦🏾‍♂️With Republicans still controlling majority of the votes in the Senate we might as well kiss any and all legislation that’s aimed to help marginalized communities good bye. No mater what the House passes, the Senate will simple ignore it, or flat out reject it.

Once again, we saved the nation from itself only to get a fucking, ‘I voted’ sticker…

Whiteness: Race is an Idea, Not a Fact

Before I jump into these number I gotta address some bull shit that’s so glaring I can’t let it slide. Someone please tell me, what the fuck is “racial heritage?” See, this is how tricky and sneaky race operates as a tool to mentally remove us from our ancestral roots.

Let’s look at this from a very basic standpoint. We all know what ‘race’ is and what ‘race’ means here in the West. It’s a social construct that gives superficial characteristics to skin pigmentation. ‘Heritage,’ literally means, property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance. The trick comes into play when race and ethnicity are used interchangeably when in reality, race and ethnicity are two completely separate things.

By claiming “Black” as our so-called heritage we’re literally trading in our ancestral connection/claim to Afrika for a superficial belief in skin pigmentation… This may seem minor but once you began to understand how the labels we use to identify ourselves effect our psyche, you’ll understand how something like this could be so triggering.

Anyway, back to these numbers.

When we say Black women deserve the world, this is why.

91% bruh. 91 mf percent.

Biden needs to be calling random Black women, every hour on the hour, thanking them personally for sending his ass to the White House. After that he needs to call Elizabeth Warren up to figure out how he can turn her plan to address the staggering Black maternal mortality rates in this country into real legislation. Legislation that’s introduced to congress in the first 100 days of his administration.

Now let’s look at white women for a quick sec.


I would say I’m shocked but I’d be lying like a mf if I said that. If anything I’m shocked it’s not closer to 60% like white men.

When Ta-Nehisi Coates said, Donald Trump Is the First White President, he was 100% right. The idea of whiteness is what drove 55% of white women to vote for an administration that effectively see’s them as a new-age 2nd class citizen. What pisses me off the most about these stats is that for months I saw countless white women on social media lecturing Black people on why we not only need to vote but by not voting we’re disrespecting our ancestors 🤦🏾‍♂️ As if they could speak on behalf of our ancestors in the first place.

The reality just so happens to be that they should’ve been directing that energy towards their own fucking grandmas, mothers, sisters, aunts, and nieces. You know, the ones who pull up to Thankstaking riding shogun in a F-150 with Don’t Tread on Me and Blue Lives Matter flags sticking up from the bed of the truck.

Major silly shit right here

Which if you truly knew what both flags stood for you’d never fly them next to each other, let alone, combine them smh. For those in need of an quick explanation; The Don’t Tried on Me flag basically means fuck big government and the tools it uses to limit freedom (AKA the fucking police state). The Blue Lives Matter flag was created in direct response to the Black Lives Matter movement which made police brutality its main focus point. See the issue here? One says fuck big government while the other cheerleads for more big government.

White Supremacy and Western Religion

This is something a lot of my religious brothers and sister don’t want to hear, but it’s the truth. White supremacy and Western religion go hand and hand. Now it is a fact that Christianity was created in Afrika, however that specific strain of Christianity (what Greeks and Romans would later call Gnosticism) was completely wiped out by what would later become the Roman Catholic Church. The Christianity we have today, is the same Christianity that was used to justify our enslavement.

This poll only confirms that truth.

More to Come

Those were the few exit polls that really caught my attention. Well, at least as of right now. I can’t wait until a few weeks from now when we’ll have more data to dig through. I’m really interested in seeing more of the so-called racial breakdowns. Especially when it comes to how the idea of whiteness transcends economic status. Until then, protect your energy.


  1. Firstly, Thank you Black women for selflessly saving us from ourselves… again.

    Despite all our recent performative “wokeness”, the White vote really showed itself. To say I’m disappointed would be an understatement. I know it’s to be expected but, I had truly hoped to at least see a reduction in the 53% of White women that elected him the first time.

    re: Contradictory flags… I say the same shit every time I see USA and Confederate flags on the same truck! It always amazes me the lengths stupid people will go to show their ass.

    Final thought…. This record turnout and basically 50/50 final result is a clear indicator to me that Trump will be in a great position to run in 2024 (even from jail… That’ll likely improve his chances). Especially in light of the fact that Biden/Harris will accomplish nothing because the GOP can leverage the senate to actually make our lives worse for 4 years in exchange for votes in 2024.

    Buckle up… I think we’re in for a bumpy ride.

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    1. Fantastic points as always. The Dems fumbling the ball in the Senate will most definitely lead to a hellish first two years of Biden’s term which will lead to them losing the House come next midterm. If that happens, and Trump runs again in 2024 (even though he’ll be old as fuck and hopefully in jail) he’ll still have a good chance of winning 🤦🏾‍♂️

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