Who Am I: My Journey to rediscover my afrikan roots

About a few weeks ago, I decided to do something I’ve been against for some time now. I bought a DNA test.

If you’ve been following this blog for some time now, this recent purchase might come as a shock. Especially if you’ve read, DNA TEST DEEZ NUTZ: 3 REASONS WHY I DECIDED NOT TO TAKE A DNA TEST 🙃

So Whats Changed?

Not a whole lot to be honest. I’m still highly aware that DNA testing is the offspring of ugly movements such as the English Eugenics Movement, which gave birth to forced sterilization laws that have spread across this country like racist wildfire.

I’m still aware of the fact that I am Afrikan-American and not just Afrikan… That due to the devilish realities of the Mafaa, my genetic ties to Alkebulan have been usurped, if you will, making me a product of not just Afrika but of my oppressors as well.

Oh yeah, not to mention I’m still hip to the fact that certain DNA companies are actively collaborating with the Feds

Even though I’m still very much aware of these things regarding DNA testing, I still decided to buy a kit.


Well, I’ve recently ran across a company called African Ancestry, and to be 💯, they won me over 🤷🏾‍♂️

For one, my DNA will be destroyed once results are determined. I had to start with that because of the obvious. The Feds don’t need my DNA, even if they needed my DNA 🙃 The fact that I can trust African Ancestry to not work with the Feds went a long way bruh.

Next, and most importantly, after watching a few reveals on YouTube, I noticed that African Ancestry takes a more Afrocentric approach when calculating and delivering results. Not giving my DNA to the Feds is one thing, but putting an Afrikan spin on science that was once used to dehumanize those of Afrikan descent, sign me up.

Background Information About African Ancestry

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Rick Kittles and Gina Paige, African Ancestry is the world leader in tracing maternal and paternal lineages of African descent having helped more than 750,000 people re-connect with the roots of their family tree. With the industry’s largest and most comprehensive database of over 30,000 indigenous African DNA samples, African Ancestry determines specific countries and specific ethnic groups of origin with an unrivaled level of detail, accuracy and confidence. African Ancestry is committed to providing a unique service to the black community by working daily to improve the cultural, emotional, physical, spiritual and economic well-being of people across the African Diaspora.

My Journey Back Home

So African Ancestry offers two different test kits. MatriClan Test Kit (men and women) and PatriClan Test Kit (men only). Both the MatriClan and PatriClan Test reveal the Afrikan country of origin and ethnic group (tribe) you share maternal ancestry with during the past 500 – 2,000 years.

To keep it simple, the difference between the two test kits is that the MatriClan follows the DNA of your mother’s mother (X-Chromosome), while the PatriClan follows the DNA of your farther’s farther (Y-Chromosome).

So which test did I get?

Another shocker, I got both.

For one, I think if I’m going to truly find out who I am, I can’t half-step it. We all get our genes from our parents. Both of them… For each pair of their chromosomes, we get one from our mother and one from our father. When the egg and sperm cells come together, they create the full set of 46 chromosomes or 23 pairs. So to get the full picture of who I am, I have to get both test kits.

Second, regarding the horrors of the Mafaa – mainly rape, if I would’ve just got the PatriClan Test Kit, there’s a 35% chance my results would come back with European ancestry. I can’t lie, a part of me feels a way knowing that a portion of my DNA is comprised of some of my ancestors’ worst nightmares.

Predictions & Outcomes

Group of Yoruba Men

“It’s important to note that the largest number of [Afrikans] enslaved for New World labor came from the Yoruba.”

Baba Ifa Karade | The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts

So before I send out my DNA, I figured I should make a few predictions about what tribes and regions I have ancestry connections with. To be real, I haven’t the slightest idea. I know that my mother’s mother is from Mississippi, and her “maiden name” was Miller, but that’s about it. I don’t know much about my father’s side of the family, outside of my half-sisters, niece, nephews, uncles, and aunties 🙃

I do know one thing though, and that’s regardless of the results, I’m still a child of Afrika, and it’ll still be my duty to know and respect all of her histories.

What’s Next?

So as of now, my PatriClan Test Kit is in, but I’m still waiting on my MatriClan Test Kit. As soon as I receive both test kits, I’ll set up a live stream on my IG where I’ll be completing all action items required to submit my DNA. So if you’d like to follow me on my journey to find who I am, be sure you’re following my IG.

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