Thoughts on Netflix’s ‘Hello Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea.’

“White people’s number one freedom, in the United States of America, is the freedom to be totally ignorant of those who are other than white. We don’t have to learn about those who are other than white. And our number two freedom is the freedom to deny that we’re ignorant.”

– Jane Elliot

Fuck The History Channel

Let me be clear, Ancient Aliens is nothing but a bunch of bull shit that indirectly strengthens the ideology of white supremacy.

Culture Vultures

“Everybody wanna be a nigga but nobody wanna be a nigga” – Paul Mooney

Black Folks, MEDITATE!

“There’s all sorts of trauma from drama that children see
Type of shit that normally would call for therapy
But you know just how it go in our community
Keep that shit inside it don’t matter how hard it be.” 

– J. Cole