“If you’re black, you should be thinking black. And if you’re black and you not thinking black at this late date, well, I’m sorry for you.” – Malcolm X 

13687198_1074699862648745_58487570_n.jpgWelcome to the Ghetto Activist. I’m yours truly, the Ghetto Activist. Some things you should know before hitting the blog.

1.) I’m unapologetically black

That’s pretty much it… The content you’ll find on this blog is specifically aimed towards reversing the 400+ years of misinformation black folks face here today in America.

cropped-bamn-1.jpgEven though the content on this blog is pro-black, that doesn’t mean others can’t consume it. In fact, I largely encourage others to read and engage with pieces that spark your attention!

I found that everyone in America has an opinion on race. Whether that opinion is an informed one or not, is honestly beside the point. So in addition to this blog being a hub of information aimed to counter 400+ years of misinformation, this blog is also a “safe space” for discussions centered around race relations here in America. cropped-11111-1.jpg