“If you’re Black, you should be thinking Black. And if you’re Black and you not thinking Black at this late date, well, I’m sorry for you.” – Malcolm X 


Welcome to the Ghetto Activist. I’m yours truly, the Ghetto Activist. Some things you should know before hitting the blog.

1.) I’m a Afrikan – American or a so-called Black man.
2.) I speak the language of the people. 

That’s pretty much it… The content you’ll find on this blog is specifically aimed towards reversing the 400+ years of misinformation Black folks face here today in Amerikkka, and throughout the Afrikan Diaspora.


Even though the content on this blog is Pro-Black, doesn’t mean others can’t consume it. We all have a shit ton to unlearn to do which is why I highly encourage everyone, IDC what color you are, to read and engage with pieces that spark your attention!  


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  1. Hi! I’m Megan Loudon Walsh’s mom, Betsy. Megan had sent me your blog, and I loved it! Please put me on your mailing list!

    Betsy Loudon

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