White Privilege Masks My Ethnic Name in Plain Sight

What if my name was Rei Don? Ray’Donna? La Reida? Do those variations wave a familiar flag, something one can ethnically identify? If you could put a face to those names, would it include my fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes?

The Myth of ‘The Good Negro’

We cannot reserve humane treatment for people who fit the description of a Huxtable family. Nor can we reserve it for men and women who, though Black, meet the favored Eurocentric aesthetics. It shouldn’t take three degrees, a six-figure income, homeownership, and an extensive vocabulary just for the possibility of earning human decency from our fellow man.

Get Real: Queer Racism is Alive and Well

White queers do NOT get a gold star for being able to acknowledge that white privilege exists. Especially if they do not take any actions to betray their whiteness and their privilege to create and uphold spaces that prioritize and uplift Black folks and other people of color.

Are You A Racist? Am I?

Like Newton’s 3rd law, every racist oppressive action must be met with an equal and opposite anti-racist action in order to achieve equilibrium.

From Ring Shouts to Stepping and Strolling: The Evolution of a Tradition Comes Full Circle

The evolution of stepping and strolling, from its roots in the ring shout, to today’s current rituals, has played a momentous part in the history of Black Greek Letter Organizations. In using these sacred ceremonial dances and patterns, Black Greek students everywhere have been able to honor their predecessors and ancestors, while building a strong sense of self-identity and kinship.

Vulnerability: Expectations in Men

For a lot of American men, they have been raised into a “man up” mentality. This mentality has led us to multiple generations of men who never properly learned how to process their hard emotions in a healthy manner.