Soundtracks For The Soul: Quick Introduction

So I’ve been trying to think of ways to bring shorter pieces to the blog. Since the main focus of this blog is to counter 400 years of misinformation, degradation & systematic oppression, writing short pieces can be pretty tough.

Which is why I’m really proud to bring this new ongoing series titled, “Soundtracks For The Soul,’ to T.G.A!

Throughout this series, I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite albums that put on for the culture.

*Quick Sidenote* For those who know me, you know I appreciate a wide range of music. However for this series, like all of the content on this blog, will strictly focus on music that’s for the culture, and by the culture… You heard of FUBU (for us by us) well this is FCBC (for the culture by the culture).

In this series, I won’t just focus on the music either. “Soundtracks For The Soul,” will cover any and everything from studio albums, cover art, music videos, pretty much anything these creators put out to help advance the culture.

So with that being said, I’m really excited to bring these quick reads to the blog! More importantly, I hope this series introduces new music to the soul.


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