Thoughts On The New Kanye; ‘Jesus Is King’


So Kanye finally dropped “Jesus Is King” and of course… I have some thoughts.

First Things First 

‘Ye was my first favorite rapper.

In fact, College Dropout was the first real rap album I actually owned. Like physically owned. Bought with my own money type shit. Of course, I wasn’t old enough to buy the unedited version.

But since I got my mom to vibe with “Jesus Walks,” it was hella easy to get her to add it to the cart when we were at Kmart (yea bruh this shit happened that long ago).

I say all this to say, I really miss the old Kanye.

You know the Crack Music ‘Ye. The “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” ‘Ye.

Just to be clear I’m not talking about the old ‘Ye as a rapper or producer. Cause, to be honest, that ‘Ye is still with us.

But I’ll get into that later, trust me…

I guess when I say I miss the old Kanye, I’m specifically talking about the ‘Ye that was all about black empowerment. Unapologetic black empowerment. The ‘Ye that sampled Gil Scott-Heron’s Comment #1 and called it, Who Will Survive In America.

Somewhere down the road, we lost that ‘Ye and in replace we got a ‘Ye that’s out here saying and doing shit that is completely out of bounds. Shit that would’ve gotten a lot of mfs black cards revoked…

I’m not huge on the cancel culture shit, but I am a long time fan of the sit yo ass down somewhere culture.  

And after hearing Kanye say shit like, “When you hear about slavery for 400 years … For 400 years? That sounds like a choice.

Plus, “Blacks really get caught up in the idea of racism over the idea of industry.

Plus, “Another thing is black people have a problem with the word again (referring to Trump’s campaign slogan, ‘Make American Great Again’)… because time is a myth.

“Because time is a myth…” Bruh…

I’m not done though, he also said shit like, “You know they tried to scare me to not wear this hat (the fucking MAGA hat of course). My own friends. But this hat, it gives me power in a way.

Whose mans is this?

I’m still not done with ya’ boy yet… You can also add shit like this to his list, “I’ve had conversations that basically said that welfare is the reason a lot of black people end up being Democrats.


Saying shit like this while you’re smiling and kiki’ng all in Trump’s face wearing a fucking MAGA hat and shit can most definitely earn you a first-class ticket to sit yo ass down somewhereville

Real live coverage of clown shit happening in the Oval Office

So this album comes at a time where I really don’t fuck with ‘Ye like that. However, with all that being said, I still decided to give “Jesus Is King” a few spins. I think it’s also important to add that I truly believe in the importance of black unity. I could never cancel one of my fellow brothers or sisters. No matter how lost they may be.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to this album.

What I fuck With

As always, music production, beat selection, and the overall sound of this project is absolutely beautiful. Honestly speaking, it’s probably one of my favorite Kanye albums, from a production standpoint, since Yeezus (ironically speaking).

A lot of people are dragging ‘Ye for making a gospel rap album but I’m not here for that nonsense. I grew up in the church, so this album low-key took me back home in many regards.

However, through many years of studying the history of religion (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and more recently ancient African spirituality) my spiritual journey through this life has changed dramatically since then.

With that said, I’m still not here for the ‘Ye is a so-called Christian slander. People have a right to believe whatever they want to believe. And if it helps make them a better and more caring person in today’s trash ass society then I’m all for it.

Favorite Tracks

I only have a few favorite tracks from “Jesus Is King” even though I think the album as a whole is a masterpiece. You’ll find out why that’s the case in a minute, but nonetheless…

  • Every Hour | CHURCH! Might make this my alarm clock bruh. Just imagine starting your day off with this type of energy
  • Everything We Need | 1st off, Ty Dolla $ign is my generation’s king of R&B. Don’t @ me about it either. Plus the beat and hook go crazy.
  • Water | CHRUCH! This shit took a brother back home.
  • Use This Gospel | BARS. This the most barred up song on the whole album.

Like I said, I think the entire album (from a production standpoint) is a fucking masterpiece. Which leads us to why only 4 out of a possible 11 tracks made my favorite track section.

What I Don’t Fuck With

If you listened to the entire album (which I’d encourage) you could probably guess what I don’t fuck with.

The obvious shots at progressivism and the lack of nuanced thought surrounding important issues involving black and brown bodies.

Shots at Progressivism

So I might’ve used the term “progressivism” a little too loosely. Any time I hear a mf giving Trump praise, I take that as a shot against progressives. Trump embodies everything progressives stand against.

I mean, here’s a guy who “believes” climate change is a hoax conducted by the Chinese. Well, at least that’s what he say’s when he’s lying to his ignorant ass base. Behind closed doors, we’ve heard him sing a different tune…

Did Ya’ Know: Trump acknowledges climate change — at his golf course

So lyrics like, “He the new commander and the chief. That’s on Keef, that’s on God,” and “Made a left when I should’ve made a right,” yeah, I’m straight on all that shit bruh.

Even the shots at Obama (I’m HIGHLY aware Obama isn’t a progressive) didn’t sit well with me. I’m not saying Obama shouldn’t be criticized UNLESS you just happen to think Trump is a farther figure worth looking up to. If that’s the case than nah bruh, don’t even fix your mouth to say something bad about Obeezy.

Lack of Nuanced Thought

This is a problem I’ve been having with Kanye for a minute now. He brings up points that could potentially take the conversation surrounding black freedom in this country to heights never before seen.

But when the room is silent and the spotlights on him, some wild shit always seems to happen. It’s like, his mind jumps from point A to point B almost within seconds. One second he’s talking about mental health issues, next thing you know he’s talking about Welfare.

One moment he’s fighting for industry equality the next he’s comparing himself to Walt Disney.

Mind you, these are all topics I’m down to have serious conversations about, but ‘Ye spits them out without taking any time to thoroughly explain what needs to be changed. And more importantly, how that change should come about.

If ‘Ye were serious about these issues he would’ve gathered information from the right historians/activists/professionals. Then took the proper time needed to study and rehearse the facts until he had them committed to memory. That way, when the spotlight is on, he’d be well prepared to kick some knowledge.

I know and completely understand the fact that Kanye has bipolar disorder. That’s not to say he’s handicapped or anything. However, I understand that for some, managing bipolar disorder can be taxing and extremely challenging. And that handling those challenges while trying to fight this good fight can be daunting for anyone.

I say this to say I know it’s not always as easy as it sounds, especially for someone like Kanye. But the facts are the facts. There are too many lives at stake when it comes to fighting this fight. We can’t afford to be half-stepping, let alone, miss-stepping because we weren’t prepared.

I can’t speak to Kanye’s current state of mental health because I’m not a doctor.  I can only speak on what I know, and what I do know is that ya’ boy was lacking some nuanced thought throughout this project.

Some prime examples are his lyrics/thoughts on the 13th Amendment he so happily expressed in this album. On two tracks; On God & Hands On, Kanye brings up the 13th Amendment.

On God | “Thirteenth amendment, gotta end it, that’s on me.”

Hands On | “Thirteenth Amendment, three strikes. Made a left when I should’ve made a right.”

Before we dive deeper into this shit, I think it’s important that we cover what the 13th Amendment is and what it did.

The Thirteenth Amendment (Amendment XIII)

Section (1 of 2) – “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Section (2 of 2) – “Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.”

What’s really important to note about this amendment is obvious… The 13th Amendment effective ended chattel slavery in America.

Now, the issue I have with Kanye, and why I said he lacked nuanced thought when it came to issues surrounding black bodies. Is because saying things like, “Thirteenth amendment, gotta end it,” and leaving it at that is either, wildly ignorant, intellectually lazy, or low-key dangerous. Shit, it might as well be all 3.

This isn’t the first time this happened with ‘Ye either. The first time I remember hearing him say some shit like this was when he was shuckin n jivin for 45’s clown ass.

Now to be fair to ‘Ye, after he left his homeboy crib in D.C. he tweeted, that we should amend, rather than completely abolish, the 13th Amendment. That’s honestly where I stand on the matter, but we’ll come back to that later.

For ‘Ye, the damage was already done. It simply goes back to what I said earlier. Ya’ boy wasn’t prepared when the spotlight was on him. The cameras didn’t catch ‘Ye thoroughly explaining what the issue with the 13th Amendment is. Just like people listing to this album won’t know what the true problem with the 13th Amendment is…

After hearing this album all they know is that Kanye said we need to end the 13th Amendment…

This lack of nuance is exactly why I have such mixed emotions about “Jesus Is King.”

Because ‘Ye isn’t 100% wrong about the 13th Amendment… 

The issue I and many other black people have with the 13th Amendment is that it didn’t go far enough. It didn’t “abolish slavery” like mfs taught us in school. Instead, it transformed chattel slavery into something more discreet… Something that’s easier to coup with.

The 13th Amendment transformed chattel slavery into what we now know as the criminal justice system.

If you watch the brilliant Ava DuVernay’s documentary on Netflix titled, “13th Amendment” you’ll see exactly what I mean. Ava DuVernay isn’t the first one to bring this up either.

In one of my favorite books ever, “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness,” Michelle Alexander also points to this loophole in the 13th Amendment as one of the main reason why many of our brothers and sisters are less free today than they were at the height of Jim Crow.

I hate to blow smoke up my own ass but, I was writing about the 13th Amendment back in 2014…

“The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution did NOT abolish slavery, but instead, enhanced the foundation structure of slavery while also preserving its true purpose by pinpointing those who society deems as property of the state.” – TGA 2014  

Side note…

I’m going to link to some real critical pieces that focus on criminal justice reform. Pieces I wish Kanye had the time to read, and actually consume. I hope you guys take some time on your own to check some of these pieces out yourself.

Back to the shits…

Like I said earlier, if ‘Ye would’ve gathered information from the right historians, activists, and/or professionals he would’ve at least taken a step in the right direction. If he would’ve talked to people like Michelle Alexander and Ava DuVernay, people who truly know, and fight for this shit, I probably wouldn’t have to write this shit.

I wouldn’t have to spend 3/4 of this piece holding this man accountable for saying shit that’s way left field…

He would be able to use his platform to take the conversation surrounding black freedom in the country to where it needs to be.

But unfortunately for us, that ‘Ye is long gone. Instead, we have the ‘Ye that does, “No more livin’ for the culture.

I’ll End on This Note

I like “Jesus Is King.” I think it’s well put together, and from a production standpoint, it’s one of ‘Ye’s best works. However, as a black man who believes black unity is the only way we can truly achieve freedom in thins country, it hurts me to see a brother turn his back on his community.

There was one lyric in this entire album that really stood out to me.

No more livin’ for the culture, we nobody’s slave.”

When I first heard it, it fucked me up so much I had to rewind it. When I heard it for the second time I started to wonder…

Who were you a slave too? The Culture? Fighting for black liberation? 

That lyric made me think about what we’re up against, as well as, what my main goal in this fight as a black man is…

Remember what I said, black unity is the only way we can truly achieve freedom in this country. And when this country fools us into believing in individualism, we as a community suffer, and the movement gets weaker.

The moment you truly believe that you can simply transcend these institutional barriers by joining another tax class, professing your unwavering faith in your newfound religion, or not focusing on it, is the moment you’ve lost your damn mind.

A higher tax bracket didn’t save Lorne Green, from discrimination. Being a believer didn’t save the brave souls at the Tree of Life synagogue, nor did it save the beloved ones at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

“Even if you in a Benz, you still a nigga in a coupe…”

– Kanye West

It’s my job to find those who’ve lost themselves in the myth of individualism. That’s one of the reasons why I made this blog. It’s also the reason why I can’t cancel Kanye…

At my graduation, Harris-Stowe blessed us with a once in a lifetime opportunity by inviting brother Marc Lamont Hill as our honorary commencement speaker. Marc’s commencement speech was filled with passionate words and insightful advice that would help us as we continued our journey through the world as black professionals. But during his speech, he said something that has stuck with me to this day. A quote I think is perfect to end this piece with…

“If my brothers aren’t free then I’m not free.” – Marc Lamont Hill



  1. It’s so, Sir, Brother:

    You are as good, as Malcolm X was, who WAS surely “more radical” THAN MLK, yet, I saw the Malcolm X Movie, whoa: Malcolm GOT simply confronted first with, as in, knew of terrible white TOTALLY fanatic forces – which WERE largely simply ALSO in the government, cop force among whites EVEN in europe OVERLOADED with dumb racists, who use and abuse racism simply AS a tool, AND as illegal opression, self enrichment –

    our Malcolm got MURDERED by les SAME forces, that murdered JFK. The SAME swine forces, which are ANYHOW anti-Assange, thusly PRO-rape, simply. The SAME forces, that murdered BRUNO MANSER, a swiss Rainforest Protector — the SAME incompetent BIZARRE forces, which NOW in SWITZERLAND (ALERT) since MONTHS in the form of “kesb” “child and adult protection agencies” force a SEVEN years WAY too young CHILD GIRL, to “VISIT” her EXTREMO-PEDOFILE “father” —

    you don’t check it, bout me: Not only bout me: ANYONE, who in europe stems against HUGE hordes of MANIACS, who ARE in control OF government, gets DISCRIMINATED, treated LIKE a criminal – potentially – like in CHINA. Europe is AT the brink of becoming the fascist CHINA government of total gruesome mass-horror.

    … But the capitalism IS no use against me personally. 🙂 Also CAN the bourgeoisie NO MORE deflect actually (!) responsiblity, NOR even HUGE guilt, by it CONSTANTLY “blaming” but THE nazis namely —

    what bout ISRAEL, nutnyahu a SADLY huge “NAZI” indeed, an anti-Palestinians ignorant opressor – he endangers THE future, more than ONLY Israel. This SHMOCK, idiot, he is.

    I got HUGE Respect of Ye, good Sir. … We’d “GET AWAY”, truly, in NAM, back then, me the office typa soldier under Ye MA SARGE HAHA, — but sad is, what would have been AND kinda IS all around us, n’est-ce pas.

    Ya know, it’s so: WE both are People OF the simply “enlightened” type: Like HARALD LESCH, the so mega german Astronomer.

    … MANY whiteys OF merely OFFICIAL type “PUMP” themselves up, as in, are pretentious – yet, QUITE unawarely so, REALLY mostly: The WEST is a BLINDNESS, that is simple to detangle, AND apparently IS, what Mr. West DID fall into, which is, what TONY Castro and Brosnan DID NOT fall into: GREED, or rather, the CONSEQUENCE of ruthless TYPE of capitalism. Sure, YA CAN here write, the following, as in, not to say, there would NOT be also some even MANY good TYPE of capitalist enterprises, SUCH AS many SMALL Tek-Startups, which tendencially ARE more ethical, than HUGE companies suffering from “systemic”, which is societal abuse, getting overloaded by pretentious people – but the brainwash, the LIES, the malconcept, is the SOLE thang, which GLUES together BLINDED actual Proletariate AND the MOSTLY dull manager-sphere, LOL, not quite in friendship, but quite in instrumentalisation FROM the top IN a rigid injust hierarchy, in which AS in the military and governments of western (still dogmatic) type, incompetent, for the POLITICAL Job, Responsiblity, of RULING unfit concrete, concretely abusively action taking types of people, which “forefront” their degrees, get into: Into highest positions – undeservedly.

    but I can do more than write. I can write some official letters, and I can walk around, tryina talk with reasonable type of political parties, who don’t simply treat me like shit, simply.

    That’s the west under its hood: shit. That’s why it TREATS Everybody except evil people, like SHIT.

    … that ppl in switzerassland don’t even engage against GRUESOME “kesb” “child and adult protection agencies”, which WREAK of EXTREMEST murderous and EXTREMEST forms of SEXUAL ABUSE ENABLING “authorities”, is the SAME as auschwitz plus anti-Falun Gong massmurder to millions of Falun Gong in china 1999 to 2007, – the same as ANY horrible evil, as ALSO evil not to be believed-in, but by the PRESS continued FALSE belief in CONDITIONS (OF these conditions “having to be so”; Chomsky with his “good reason” behind some government things unexplained BY him IN the moment, WAS merely there somewhat unwise) — the evil, which “plain everybody”, simply a HUGE mass, was APPARENTLY conditioned to “DENY”. “:)” — Elias CANETTI did write that Book I will yet read, called “Masse und Macht”, german for “Mass and Might”.

    I could write SO much here. More than 1000 Pages. But of course, all People deserve to “see the light”, as in, deserve, to get conditioned correctly, treated decently FROM the start, in Life. Jean-Jacques Rousseau surely said, we “CAN” achieve such a Condition.

    Like Obama in SOME crucial sadly not VERY slight ways did, also apparently this “Kanye West”, of whom I knew previously only, that he was a Musician, — the “evil way” of SOME parts of society surrounds them — and ANY fanaticism by the quite USUAL fanatic type of church-people of EXTREMELY “conservative” type, fanatics, who simply FURTHER the MURDER, but who ALSO “equip” People ABUSIVELY with “religion”:

    JESUS NEVER wanted to “FOUND” ANY “religion”, simply. 🙂

    … churches are places of madness. of dumbness. of “religious” segregation BETWEEN People.

    … “fire on the mountain” was a docu, where some Dude, educated but quite official religious Dude, from India, came along, him claiming, “religions” would have to get “united”: THAT though, IS more than problematic, but if DONE ANY wrongly, ANY opressively, then, that’s the total downfall of humanity. But the “IDEA” of it would be THEN good, if that “new big” religion would RESPECTFULLY include all other religions, it itself standing there like a “side-thing”, which simply RESPECTS other Elements, Elements, which don’t attack Oneself. Thusly, we “CAN” revive the ancient Mammals, not only in the bionic future, but by ourselves really for example learning, how to “talk”, insofar, as what YOU EXACTLY showed SO brilliantly: STYLE, but also INFO, as in, professionality. YOU simply ARE NOT a “dry” mere SUDO-academic, but someone fresh, so good, someone with spunk, with a Heart, with EXTREME Individuality. Physics is like “lego”, modular.

    BAD is, what that JEWISH scientist brought up to the thusly sad-made Ali G: The by Ali G interviewed JEWISH old scientist DID NOT even KNOW the SLANG we kinda TAWK uhn da STHREET. OY. really, OY OY OY. … I am isolated too, LOL, but I mean, we know it: Different People live in different mental “worlds” – worlds, which WHITEY frickin BOURGEOIS conservative IN POWER, IN SUPREMACY believing SUDO-ACADEMICS CAN neither EXPLAIN, nor handle.

    … “LOL”, gotta play tha old “Arx Fatalis” PC-Game IN reality —

    later then ma huge tek-phase. When, finally, can I put my mind SOLELY to science. OY.

    i am jack megatruhn, world ministerial president, a communist project from usa, a bot called me so in oh-12.

    terminator 2 sound at fade-out. What I must do, is conquer the planet officially. My influence. Bernie Forever.

    Cptn Warf, Lt. Barclay reporting, Roggie.

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  2. But if Ya allow, I type indeed some more. Franciscus is namely already somewhat praisably liberal.

    Then, I think about how I’d tackle school mobbing: By understanding, by seeing, who is abusive and who not, by not reproaching slight errors to Others —

    yet, the gruesome matter of that “kesb” done swiss sexual abuse to a SEVEN years too young Girl, sexual abuse DONE BY the government. does not exit my already burdened mind, a mind sitting in a skull twice nose-broken once by prohitler antisemite muslims, then by a maniac black —

    the white cop merely said, “is only light simple violence” – ma nose beaten 1,5 centimeters to the left side —

    and said, “dreadlocks are uncared-for Looks” – a clearly racist, racist profiling, VERY primitive, TYPICALLY fascist, NAZI discrimination against BLACK independent non-suit-and-tie LOOKS —

    KANYE suddenly DOES dress in a “huge” suit insofar, that his suit now looks “like trump”, indeed: Kanye, ” ‘Ye “, as Ye sayeth, is sadly now a “big player” – someone, whose HEAD was “played-around with”, manipulated, by MANY stupid sudo-sayings, sudo-explanations, excuses, that STEM from the bourgeousie — and always, in the west, FOR real, a mere max 20 percent of People, even way less actually, ARE any REALLY smart AND ethical —

    “ARE WE” THAT new generation of Writers, who say, how and AS it truly is —

    and are we “powerless”. I think not. I DO rather think, that a SANE sensitive MIND is SO sensitive, not “too sensitive”, but it AT FIRST does NOT yet know, where to forefront WHICH Modus Operandi, which Aspect of Oneself, Lenience or Severity.

    … I started leniently talking, with political major parties, in this switzercrapland, — after two days phoning, I got kinda “pissed”. THEY ALL refused RESPONSIBILITY –

    for CHILD abuse DONE by the government.

    … rather, the sudo-socialist stupid DAME asked me: “AND WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO WITH THAT, PLEASE?” —

    kinda tryina ASSFOOL me, are these CONSERVATIVE extremely gruesome authorities. REALLY assfuck APPALLING. The LINGO EVEN doesn’t matter. But PARADIGMS do.

    Such a question, or that “You are not involved” – that means, “shut up”, – told TO us BY the government. usa, switzerland, da EXACT same namely. ONE huge “LOL” and “KUDOS” of and “for” the idiots, the CAPITALIST absolute fools reallae, haha. 🙂

    My concept is PERFECT – the SAME as what BERNIE stands for. I never anymore in the last TEN years, had ANY big time FOR Music. I mainly wrote LIKE hell.

    I now anyway “rule”, but not by those evil ignorant official governments.

    But I am Trotzki now.

    But always your gothblack Mister T or RATHER Murdoc under Ya, Hannibal.

    N check out Hutchison’s anti-gravity in a docu on youtube: His apartemento got raided SLIGHTESTLY somewhat abusively, I’m afraid, by le NSA des états unis, in 2000 – as he levitated by 1960s machines-combination without supraleading, without magneiticism (!), and without physical arms, small objects. BY dark energy usage. Otherwise, his aparrtementio wouldn’t have gotten raided by the frickin “NS of A” indeed, in that trist regard. Hutchison got made sad, humiliated abusively, really gruesomely, BY the government.


  3. LOL. solly fola wliting too mucho: Ah yeah, the two thingies: Ma watertunnels, idea of tunnels for the rising then thusly not rising haha water to flow into —

    and ma EEG “idea” —

    the US government, said one NOT crazy cool yet ALSO informed Blogger, the US govvie HAS now a “mind-brainwash machine”, by which they could “enter” by voices of simple “tapes”, files played on a compie, any foremostly own SOLDIER’s mind, for “war purpose”: Same as with the “total stealth” e-warrior of gruesome type – which WE ALL must CONVERT into a CIVILIAN Thingy, of course. Yes, AS JFK wanted it. AS MLK and LINCOLN AND CARTER wanted and want it. Miss Warren IS a Hero, btw, but CAN she please just ASPIRE to get VICE Pres, — and O’Rourke either Vice, Miami Vice too, LOL, or Sennie. Senator. But BERNIE as 2020 PRES.

    HOW BOUT IS, UNITED STATES OF USA, haha. CAN we say. To “the fools” of rigthtwing type? Even WAY more against THE bourgeois, I HAD to say that concernin USA —

    now, EUROPE “defies” me, me, the Emperor of Pirates, me, the WMP, me, Antanotaxos Anarexagoras, meaning in greek, I’m against Taxes, and not the King of Kings. :]

    … Not HOW People express themselves, but solely, what the CONTENT of their alleged concept is, their actual “real”, “innermost” stance, RELATES. Relates as in, is in cases different, and reveals a TON of info about them, their statements do, simply. A GOVERNMENT CAN simply NOT “defy” responsibility – but governments, who do that (and, most do), are revealing their simple own abusive “patriarchic” mal-structure, simply, thusly. THAT means DIRECT and BLUNT and WANTON opression —

    against which, Your Term “fighting” IS justified, and MEANS no wanton, nor EVEN any violenece, – the latter NOT a priori, as in, I CAN from remotely ABSOLUTESTLY see, that You ARE an ethical, even quite “top” ethical Person.

    A generous Person. A “mental” Warrior. A Stater against surely obvious opressional-governmental insaniy, but also a revealer of those SO many FINE, so NOBLE, so CRUCIALLY distinguished Nuances, in your Criticism – You’d WISH, Kanye would “return to us”, —

    where WOULD he “return” to, know we both: To a poor HUGE “Ghetto”, him maybe soon visiting some MANY poor ZONES in USA —

    but with WHICH mindset: An ILLIBERAL, a plain CAPITALIST, CAN “not even see the truth anymore”, IS THE SIMPLEST, that PUPS outta MA head, at least. The simplest view.

    That ART is better THAN violence, our PIERCE Brosnan, the “ultra-Whitey”, has shown SO brilliantly, WHOA: HIS “Tarzan” IS true to the ORIGINAL Tarzan bw Movies: UNLIKE the newer CRAPPY “addams family”, which IS not true to the original bw 1960s series, as in the original series, PUGSLEY would NEVER get allowed, to JOIN such a militarist UGLY and dangerous OFTEN foollish, even of SEXUAL disconsentual exploitive type of ABUSE of sexual type AGAINST MINORS wreaking troop of “boyscouts”, simply – as “boyscouts” are “something straight”, something “square”, simply SADLY “bourgeois”, yet, similar to the “B’ney Akiba” (hebrew for “Sons of Akiba”) in our modern times FAR, WAY too militaristic-PATRIOTIC youth groups, — the jewish “Benei Akiba” should ABOLISH their own MILITARY parading – which parading DOES seem indeed “too zionist” – “zionism” under nutnyahu MAKING a HUGE antisemitism AT the cost of already many jewish innocent, into an often wrongly done “identity” driven, suchly themselves MAL-defining “Jews”:

    You and I don’t gotta “stop” talkin bout our mere DESCENDANCE. NOR do we stop TAWKIN bout “religion”, as in, how can we make “it real”, as in, fair, truth-based, and not sillily “god-based”, not based on an entity, which IS just not there, frickin; YET, “dead Ghosts”, Spirits, Minds of People, who once lived, ARE there. Somehow. IN the quantum riddle, space, plus in a beyond, which there IS, – but without an allpowerful, thusly without A god. :] “Manitou” for example, IS like the pagan “Hecate” simply totally a “Spirit” Entity, like a “Genie Ghost” indeed, but NO all-powerful entity, – thusly, I can quite reveal, how “judaism” got perverted, into simply dumbness, into bourgeoisie, into actual slavery TO quite a conservative, indeed somewhat even wreakingly “too” white agenda –

    but if Ya juxtapose on one “side” the poor Blacks, on the other side some orthodox type of (!) “jews”, who give a mostly totally wrong impression to MOST other People about merely some 50 percent or less, or Jews, who ARE NOT bourgeouis, but who ARE not even THAT many — most Jews IN Israel ARE anti-leftist, ARE economy-“liking”, – and are not at all competely “open”, opened self-thinking Minds, but are “inside” their “local trouble” with other near countries —

    while the orthodox type of “jews” plus the anti-leftist bourgeousie, the conservative capitalists among jews, run into AN abyss.

    But individually, People should “come out” of “the ghetto” in the mind. Out of narrow-minded sudo-paradigms, in cases of fanatics, and of incompetent authorities, which authorities in so many cases belong PUNISHED by long jail, rather than MERELY any depowered.

    Sandusky gets now even OVERpunished. HE DID do disconsentual, say, “mad”, thusly ABUSIVE type OF sex — yet, WITH “merely” fifteen years old Ones — thusly, he WAS never “pedofile”, simply, in terms of Age OF the still by him (!) into that made VICTIMS – gruesome. YET, good psychologic CARE, by pro-Polanski People, BY Leftists, at least by not drastic type of conservatives, but by Liberals, would help: Mere smart and spontaneous, fresh, yet logically held Talk – instead of simply ANY sudo-“medical” drugging, which drugging BY the government enforced, IS undue, IS gruesome, MUST stop.

    Then LARRY Nassar, likewise a rather “bad”, abusively having acted Chap, got GRUESOMELY mal-sentenced in a REAL hate-verdict, totally abusive draconic, unduly draconic verdict, to 175 YEARS in prison – a mad verdict. BY gruesome “haters” of pretentious type.

    … a mere crossburner got “sentenced” to ELEVEN years in prison – “for” an entirely nonviolent “deed”, “for” a simple “no-deed”, “for” a nothing-“perpetration”. Nothing but to ACTUAL already somewhere ELSE felled mere WOOD. “INCREDIBLE”, such justice abuse: IN usa.

    in CANADA, some other judge swine sentenced a mere misoygnist WRITER to 1,5 YEARS in “PRISON”: “FOR” mere WRITING.

    the list surely is endless. a cop three years ago grabbed me, as I was CALMLY talking. Thusly, not he, but I got incarcerated three months in the psycho home. A tad upside down, this all.

    another previous neighbour rattled chairs, over FIVE weeks: But eighty times per day, – like a pressure street construction hammer. I couldn’t “DO” anything anymore, in my right next door room. Then I merely during TEN seconds shouted, it’s enough now – It got for ANOTHER three months INTO shrinkely shrink craycray homio. VERY nice. “:)”.

    … I saw a Woman online, who by her Site reports, that her even TWO male Kids got MURDERED racistically, by some WHITE cops –

    which cops in usa received, as she reported, merely some one year of prison, in some many other cases, NO punishment ensued against such cops, who abuse violence and their weapon against ENTIRELY innocent even MOSTLY black AND young People, which black People GET somehow concretely “discriminated”, not even seen as “criminals”, while that suspicion surely sadly BACKS a lot of silly racist prejudices – but much rather, the STUBBORN fanatic “line” of hinder-pullers, of extreme fanatics, SPREADS always ACROSS the west —

    John Oliver, who dumbly talked against Assange, was in ALL other his Statements okay, good: He revealed a US judge, which BEAT UP an innocent LAWYER – AT court. Also, John Oliver revealed, that in usa, a private swine male, who RAPED his own THREE years young TODDLER Daughter, got AWAY with MERELY a MONETARY FEE — gruesome, as in, entirely not rightful, horribly abusive, and not due process at all. A due process brings the EXTREMELY harmful having been ones, to SEVERE long justice, prison – and not the Innocents. THAT swine extreme pedofile INSANO was not at all any innocent, but gruesomely guilty, this motherfucker swine is.

    … the swiss “caritas” previously employed an extremo-pedo, that abused between ELEVEN and FOUR years young CHILDREN – in the ENTIRE west switzerland, at “holiday camps”.

    … the west, the abusive swine, simply, who lets happen the extremestly gruesome.

    … and then, ppl wonder, if I “like” nuclear bombs. but for all. how bout it. hu. I have no fear. IF I WANT, then, humanity even after ma death, does and WILL thusly NOT survive namely EXACTLY ME; And IF THAT IS ALL, which I “ACHIEVE”, revenge of COMPLETE type against ALL of humanity, then BE THAT SO. PERIOD. I know whattam sayin. THIS IS a threat by me – agains these GRUESOME SWINE governments namely.


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