Black Folks, MEDITATE!

“There’s all sorts of trauma from drama that children see
Type of shit that normally would call for therapy
But you know just how it go in our community
Keep that shit inside it don’t matter how hard it be.” 

– J. Cole

So over the past couple of years, I’ve increasingly gotten into doing more and more meditating. Big S/O to my lovely girlfriend, because without her I doubt I would’ve found time to do so.

Like most of my writing, this piece is for us. Yes, us black folks. Not to say others can’t read this, but I just want y’all to know upfront who this piece is aimed towards.

Black folks. We NEED to meditate. Like seriously, we NEED to meditate. If not daily, at least three times a week. IDC if it’s you taking 2 minutes, or using a full hour. Make some time in your daily schedule to do absolutely nothing but zen the fuck out. Even if you don’t think you need it, do it, because trust me, your ass needs it.


meditation-575In today’s climate, black folks are constantly under pressure. Whether that pressure comes from personal situations to societally situations, we black folks can’t catch a break. We’re constantly bombarded with images, and stereotypes that feed nothing but negative energy into our physical vessels, so it’s imperative that we take some time to clean all that shit out. What better way than to meditate.


994454b7fb59425c8bf148e2dd14fd6bI started this piece off with a quote from J. Cole’s song called, “FRIENDS,” where he suggests meditation over medication. I love Cole, but I don’t think it’s necessarily one or the other. There are certain “drugs” that can help open the gate to deeper stages of meditation. Before I go farther let me make something clear. I’m not saying getting high is a good substitute for meditating. Getting high for many of us leads to a “suppress, & deal with it later” situation. Which in turn, could most definitely lead to some form of addiction. I’m not suggesting that at all, and no one should solely rely on drugs to “deal” with these pressures. I’m also not a Shaman. Felt like I had to put that on the record.

Anyway, I say that to say if you need a little marijuana to get the body and mind right for some much needed zen time, do that shit bruh. Ultimately, the goal is to find time to clear your mind.

In fact, just to get you started… Here is a little breathing exercise you can add to your daily routine.Pro_14401-2

The next time you find yourself stressing about some shit remember this routine. The next time a MF try your last nerve, remember this routine. The next time you catch yourself about to risk it all, remember this routine.

Zen out bruh. It’s better to take 5 than to get 5.



  1. I find that scheduling my mediation helps me. I tried to resort to breathing techniques and control when I was over stimulated but then I was repeating negativity in my head.
    Good article but a lot of black people are so adamantly against holistic healing in this way.

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    1. Thanks for reading! Unfortunately, you’re right about the stigma surrounded holistic healing in the black community. Which is why I wrote this quick piece in hopes to ease some into the basic steps of just meditating a few days a week.

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