Black Studies: A Quick Introduction

Happy Black History Month! Although, here at The Ghetto Activist, we talk about Black History all year round. I know a lot of my extra woke folks shame this time of year because they believe, as I do, that Black history should never be subjected to just one month. Especially the shortest month of the year…

“They give us the shortest month to learn the oldest history of any peoples on the face of this Earth”

– Robin Walker

Like brother Robin Walker said, our history is the oldest history of any peoples on the face of this planet. Period. I know a lot of people only care about Black history in the month of February, which in itself, is a result of us as a society adopting a Eurocentric view of history. For centuries the West has tried her hardest to whitewash our true history so we continue to regurgitate the same propaganda they hand us as “Black History.”

One prime example of this bull shit is when people think Black history starts… I have many friends who are teachers who will start Black history month off by teaching their students about the Transatlantic Slave Trade… Now, the Transatlantic Slave Trade DID happen, it IS a part of our history, but it’s only that…. Just a PART of our history… By doing this, we only reinforce the idea that Black history begins when the White man gained global power. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth…

As I said earlier, Black history, OUR history, is the oldest history of any people on the face of this Earth. Therefore just allowing yourself only a month to learn and unlearn the truth about Black history is fucking impossible.

But luckily for you, I’m going to attempt to do the impossible…

For the entire month of February, I’m going to crame over 200,000+ years (yes, you read that shit right, 200,000 YEARS) of Black history into a series of blog posts as well as IG posts in honor of Black History Month.

What To Expect

On The Blog

Throughout the week I will be dropping small blog posts highlighting certain moments in Black History that rarely get discussed as Black history.
Then on every Friday, I will be dropping a featured piece focused on a specific time period in Black history to help sum up the information I shared throughout the week.

On The Gram

To help support all this knowledge I will be blowing my IGTV Channel the fuck up with clips from documentaries that will also serve as an extra source of information you all can use to expand your understanding of true Black history.

Stay Tuned

I promise you, this Black Studies series will cover information you’ve never learned before so you don’t want to miss it. Make sure you’re following The Ghetto Activist on WordPress, and on Instagram so you don’t miss a single lesson.


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