Support The Ghetto Activist

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve received a ton of questions from new and old followers asking how they can send money in support of TGA. As a person who truly believes in free education and that knowledge should never come with a price tag, it was tough for me to create a Paypal or Cash app account specifically for The Ghetto Activist.

However through meaningful conversations with close friends, and many of you who have been following TGA for awhile now, I’ve agreed to share my personal Cash app and Venmo accounts ✊🏾

Drop some coins in ya boy Venmo

Liberate ya boy Cash app

Nah, seriously though, thank you to everyone that has sent ya boy something or has plans to send ya boy something. I’ll be using these funds to bring new features to TGA and expand its influence in the digital world of education and activism. For example, I’ll be rolling out a Patreon in the coming months with three package plans offering some unique products, as well as launching our first digital magazine or zine (still working on those details). The cash you guys send will help me use utilize new tools and platforms that innovate how we share content.

I’ll also be using these funds to grow my library of resources. A lot of the knowledge I share on TGA can’t simply be Googled, which forces me to rely on books that aren’t heavily in circulation.

For those who can’t send monetary support, but still want to do something to help TGA grow, don’t trip… There is still something you can do to help which doesn’t cost a mf thing… SHARE TGA CONTENT! Share articles, share social post, shit, share them all! Spreading this information is the best way you can support TGA and all those who make TGA what it is today.


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