Soundtracks For The Soul: Jay Electronica | A Written Testimony

“I’m in touch with every shrine from Japan to Oaxaca
The melanated carbon-dated phantom of the chakras”

– Jay Electronica | Shiny Suit Theory

I know what you’re thinking, back to back soundtrack for the soul on TGA??? And to top it off it’s Jay Electronica, one of Erykah Badu’s baby fathers


It might be a little petty to drop a Soundtrack for the Soul for Electronica directly after dropping one for The Queen of Soul considering their history. However, with social-distancing on full blast, I think it’s best we begin to see music as one of the main keys needed to help maintain our sanity.

Plus, the shit Electronica just dropped pretty much forced my hand bruh…

Introducing Jay Electronica’s latest album, A Written Testimony.

Quick Background

No 🧢 I first really got hip to Electronica back when Control dropped. Of course, I thought and still think, Kendrick had the hardest verse on Control. However, Electronica’s verse was not to be fucked with.

After Control dropped and fucked the who rap game up, the culture compiled me to check out more of Electronica’s shit. I ran across a project he dropped back in 2010 but to be 100, it really wasn’t hitting for me. Not to say Victory wasn’t fire, it just wasn’t hitting for me back then like other shit was at the time.

That was back in 2013… shit Victory dropped back in 2010…

Well, ladies and gentlemen… The drought is over. Just a few days ago Jay dropped a fucking masterpiece on us.


Basic Need to Knows

A Written Testimony is considered to be Jay Electronica’s long-awaited debut studio album. And when a mf says, ‘long-awaited’ please believe I’m not exaggerating. Like I said, Victory dropped 10 years ago bruh… This mf waited a full decade before setting shit on fire.

According to Genius, Electronica first started tweeting that the “album (was) done” on February 7, 2020. He also teased that one of hip-hop’s top legends, Jay-Z had a few features on the project:

“…my debut album featuring Hov man this is highway robbery”


Some time passed until Jay-Z’s streaming service TIDAL advertised listening parties for Electronica’s debut studio album on March 11, 2020. A day later on March 12, 2020, Apple Music released the tracklisting of A Written Testimony written in Arabic, which, when translated, revealed Travis Scott and The-Dream to be featured on the record.

Back cover of Jay Electronica’s A Written Testimony

Even though the album is attributed to Jay Electronica, Jay-Z is all over the mf. I honestly haven’t heard a duo flow off each other so seamlessly since Watch The Throne first dropped. In fact, I slightly got into it with a good friend of mind for crowing A Written Testimony as such.

It has all the components necessary to be respected as nothing less than a Rap masterpiece. From lyrics that will have you Googling shit till the wee hours of the morning, to beats produced by Rap legends such as No ID, and The Alchemist,  A Written Testimony is most definitely some shit you need in your life right now

“Sometimes I was held down by the gravity of my pen (Pen)
Sometimes I was held down by the gravity of my sin (Sin)
Sometimes, like Santiago, at crucial points of my novel
My only logical option was to transform into the wind”

– Jay Electronica | Ezekiel’s Wheel

What the streets are saying…

The only issue I have with the project is that it’s only 10 songs deep… Which I low-key can’t hold that against Jay Electronica cause that’s what the industry is now, but shit bruh… Bring back the 25 tracklists!

Favorite Tracks

Bruh, it’s only 10 songs deep. You already know what I’m about to say… GO 👏🏿 LISTEN 👏🏿 TO 👏🏿 THAT 👏🏿 BITCH 👏🏿 STRAIGHT 👏🏿 THROUGH 👏🏿 BRUH.

But as always, here’s a list of my certified burners.

Certified burners off A Written Testimony by Jay Electronica

Front cover of Jay Electronica’s A Written Testimony
Back cover of Jay Electronica’s A Written Testimony


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